One More Song Together - The 2012 Sessions
Velvet Saw VS 1201 (2012) $16.95 + S&H

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  1. Looziana Moon
  2. Dance Of The Living Dead Chickens
  3. The Look Of Nothing
  4. Don't It Look Like Georgia
  5. Time Machine
  6. Just One More Song Together
  7. Asleep In The Saddle
  8. Little Orphan Annie
  9. Another Place And Time
  10. We Walked This Road Before
  11. The New Tennessee Birdwalk
  12. Call On Me
  13. Try
Tracks 1-9 recorded June 2012 at Ozone Studios, Jacksonville, Florida.: The Musicians: Mike Evans: Bass/guitar. Albert Lightbody: Keyboards Brian Homan: Steel guitar/dobro. Gilberto Linares: Drums. Mike Evans, Mike Miller and Jen Bruce: Backup vocals. Mike Evans: Engineer. A Jack and Misty Production. Executive Producer: Mike Miller. All songs Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI) NOTE: Tracks 10-12 are bonus tracks.
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One More Song Together


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