Dance Of The Living Dead Chickens


The chicken that looked like Hitler; 
Looked just like him, but littler. 
Down at the henhouse they hated his guts.
He didn't know why. It was drivin' him nuts.

They called him the Chickenstein Monster.
He hung around down by the dumpster.
The Hunchduck and the Hitler found romance.
He looked into her eyes and began to dance.

Down at the henhouse jealousy reigned.
The hens began to notice that they all looked the same.
Being ordinary was bringing them down.
They started making weird faces and dragged their feet around.

Farmer Bob came out in the noonday heat, 
saw the chickens makin' faces, and draggin' their feet. 
His brain went out to lunch, his body changed form, 
and the Dance Of the Living Dead Chickens was born. 

He combed his hair to one side, got a little mustache, 
scrunched up in a hump and let one foot drag. 
He crossed one eye, let his tongue hang out. 
The neighbors joined in and they all began to shout...

Comb your hair to one side, get a little mustache,
Scrunch up in a hump and let one foot drag.
Everybody's learnin' it's fun to be weird.
The Dance of the Living-dead Chickens is here.

(Repeat last line until somebody buys the record.) 

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  2012 Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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2012 all rights reserved.