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"Will Campbell On Florida Living"

Uncle Will's been thinking again. 
Here's what he has to say... 

*      *      * 

Three months ago I couldn't hang a shower curtain 
and now I can assemble a portable generator by flashlight. . . 

My yard is ankle-deep in standing water, 
and the County Commission reminds me 
to water lawns only twice a week 
on my designated watering days. . . 

My neighborhood's hot topic is a new and improved fastener 
for plywood hurricane shutters. . . 

Seasons here are: 
Summer, Still Summer, Not Summer, and Pre-Summer. . . 
with a hurricane every weekend     . . . 

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again. 

Last year I had my chance to do the traditional thing 
of shooting my own turkey for Thanksgiving, ... 
man ... you should have seen the people scatter in the meat department. 

I eagerly await November 30, 
and it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas. . . 

*      *      * 

November 30th is the end of our hurricane season, folks, 
also known as The Florida Fear Festival. 

    Jack Blanchard 

Copyright  Oct. 3, 2004, Will Campbell and friend. All rights reserved. 
Reprinted by permission.


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