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Why we like music:
1. It's what we're used to.
2. It's popular with our age group.
3. It brings back memories.
4. We understand it.
5. We can play it, or almost play it.
6. It's good music.

Why we don't like music:
1. It's not what we're used to.
2, We don't understand it.
3. It's not popular with our age group.
4. We can't play it.
5. It's just crappy music.
6. We don't like the guys playing it.

Musician "A" has conquered the simpler forms of music,
gets bored,
and looks for challenges elsewhere.

Musician "B" is still working on his E chord,
and doesn't need or want to look elsewhere.
Don't try to hand him your diminished chords.
They would only screw up "Jumbalay'",
which is true.
B may even resent music that is beyond his expertise.

B doesn't like A's music,
or the horse he rode in on.

A feels an unhealthy need to educate B
by making him listen to more music styles.
B will say they all stink.

"If you say everything stinks,
you will be right some of the time."
Albert Einstein.

Fortunately for A,
there are a zillion people in the world,
several of whom may understand what he's playing.
The majority will think he's nuts.

Fortunately for B,
A will eventually give up and leave him alone
so he can perfect his open E chord.

Musician C is playing Hip Hop music,
and nobody with an IQ over 22
cares if he hip hops into a jet engine.

Copyright  June 29, 2005 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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