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"What Is A Song?"

A song is exactly like life... 
except that in a song you don't brush your teeth 
or go to the bathroom 
or drop things 
or watch a duck 
or go to the store and they don't put the donuts you paid for in the bag 
or sleep 
or tell somebody "bite me" 
or look at a hole in your sock 
or wonder if there's a monkey under your bed 
or get bored or watch too much TV. 

In a song people talk in rhyme, 
and funny or sad things happen, 
and there is often a point to it. 

A song lasts three minutes. 
Life lasts longer than three minutes. 
In life you can listen to songs 
but in a song you probably can't 
unless it's about listening to some dumb song 
that you can't get out of your head 
like Teddy Bears' Picnic 
when you're trying to watch Judge Judy. 

Otherwise life is like a song. 

Man is the only animal that can sing a song, 
or cares. 

A song is life distilled 
and then whittled down 
until it's small enough to get in your ear. 

Copyright  November 15, 2006 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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2007 all rights reserved.