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"A Special: We Are Not Divorced"

This special extra edition of my column 
is being sent out because the problem it describes, 
came back to haunt us again just a few minutes ago. 

*     *     * 

Misty said this to me: 
“Don’t try to be nice. It doesn’t become you.” 
She’s a joker. 

Barry McCloud called me today. 
He’s author/editor of “The Definitive Encyclopedia of Country Music”, 
the 1997 book that said Misty and I were divorced. 
We weren’t. 

He called to express his amazement that we are still complaining about it, 
and to urge me to write that in the 1999 CD-ROM edition, 
the mistake was corrected. 

It’s 2005, and we still haven’t found the CD-ROM version anywhere. 

He said, 
“In an 1,170 page book, 
I’d have to be an angel not to have made one mistake”. 
We never thought it was intentional, 
but it continues to have its impact on us anyway. 
I hope Barry understands this. 

The reason we still complain is because it never stops popping up. 
In fact, Buster Doss of Stardust Records, the label we’re on, 
got an email today asking if we’re divorced 
McCloud got the false information somewhere else, 
and other writers use his 1997 edition as reference. 
It’s still in the libraries. 

None of can make it stop, 
so we’ll keep on trying to correct each new one that comes along. 
We can’t cure the disease, 
so we’ll work on the symptoms. 

I told Barry McCloud that we would send out this explanation, 
and post it on our web site. 

We’re not divorced, 
we’re not retired, 
we’re not dead, 
and I don’t play the saxophone, 
as some other bios about us continue to claim. 

I think I’m very nice. 

Copyright ©  Feb. 4, 2005, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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