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We were up all night dodging tornadoes.
They were all around us.
We had our few most important items, including my outboard hard drive,
in the car, with the car aimed toward the street.
You get about 5 to 8 minutes warning.

I woke up about 2PM today and noticed the answering machine blinking.
Friends and relatives worried about us.
We're OK.... this time. We were hit by hurricanes in 2004.
I woke Misty up,
and we've been watching the TV coverage on all channels all afternoon.

We were right on the edge of two violent storm systems
the worst one a couple of miles to the north,
and another a couple of miles to the south.

A "supertornado" is what they are calling the one
that ripped a 300 yard swath from coast to coast.
It looks like a war zone.
They know of 19 people killed so far,
and they're still searching.

It's been declared a disaster area,
and the politicians are all promising fast government help.
We'll see. They haven't helped for the last two...
one on this past Christmas Day,
and the hurricanes in 2004.
And, oh yeah, Katrina.

Historically, Florida tornadoes are smaller ones...
not like those in the Midwest.
The planet is changing.
Believe it.

Copyright  February 2, 2007 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 
Reprinted by permission.


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