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"Today I Went Outside"

Today I went outside 
and was surprised to find the real world. 

The sky was exactly the color of my monitor screen, 
the sound of the birds was in remarkable stereo, 
and the dogs, cats, and people were cleverly animated. 

There were no pop-ups 
unless you count the butterflies, 
and they carried no advertising. 

The entire display was completely wireless, 
which was fortunate, 
because I could find no wall plugs on the horizon. 

There was an odd sort of email. 
It was made of paper, 
and delivered by a grown man in shorts. 

I was amazed to find that I could chat with friends 
without typing! 

I sat on the front steps of my home page, 
opened my brown bag, 
and enjoyed a lunch of Spam and cookies. 

After several hours it all became dark. 
so I assumed that it had crashed, 
and tried to restart it. 
I gave up after waiting almost all night. 

Although the real world is quite slow, 
and probably an obsolete version, 
I plan to go outside 
and attempt to reboot it again some time. 

Copyright  March 21, 2006, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. 


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