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"The Vulgarity Police"

I just sent out the nightly email 
from our Real Country Connections Playlist & Message Board, 
and got rejected by two recipients for "Vulgarity". 

WSM and others 
have installed a software program that blushes 
at even the hint of a naughty word. 

The word they rejected my email for was this: "assc". 
They said I committed it twice. 
I looked through my text and found that 
"assc" is just a few letters out of the middle of a DJ's name. 

I didn't even know that "assc" was a bad word! 
I guess the kids think I'm a dweeb... 
or a dumb assc. 

Last night my friend Dick Shuey was rejected 
because of his first name! 
That's true. 
In fact, this whole article is true. 

I'm glad I didn't make mention of "Winnie the Pooh". 

Dick says that my name is next. 

Jack Blanchard 

P. S. This page will probably cause their computers to faint. 

 2003 Jack Blanchard. All Rights Reserved. 


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