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"The Right Of Useless Complaint"

In a free society, 
People who contribute should probably live where they want to, 
if they can afford it. 
They should be able to go to school where they want to, 
if they can get there and do the work. 
And they can hang around with me, 
if I want to hang around with them. 

That's my simple solution to a cluster of problems, 
but it won't work. 
It's too logical. 

There are many wrong things going on around us every day, 
in government, business, world affairs, and private life. 
They have obvious solutions. 
Any idiot could see what's wrong and tell us how to fix them, 
but some people are getting rich off these wrongs, 
so fixing them is made impossible. 

Joe Workingstiff is gradually losing his right to sue, 
to right the wrongs done to him and his family.. 
Every lawsuit is "frivolous" until it's your lawsuit.

If you don't like the way the world is going, 
and it is getting worse fast, 
we still have The Right of Useless Complaint. 
Most of my useless complaints concern 
politicians, governments, big business, big religions, 
and the gradual dumbing down of each generation 
since World War Two. 

The daily unfairness, cruelty, horrors, scams, big and small crime, 
and on and on, 
are too many for our minds to get around. 
It's probably best to pick one and try to chip away at it. 

The main culprits are Greed and Poverty, 
and they feed off each other. 

The America I see around me 
has lost any grip it ever had on the Golden Rule 
not to mention courtesy and taste. 
If this offends you, I can't help it. 
I remember when it was better. 

As always, it's my job to cheer you up. 

Copyright  March 2, 2006, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. 


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