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"The Night Uncle Will Sang At The Opry"

(Our strange but true pal Will Campbell writes)...

It was about 10 pm on a Wednesday night, and I was sitting at Tootsie's bar in Nashville, about ready to go to my motel.
Before I got a chance to walk out, Archie Campbell sat down beside me, and started up a conversation.
After he discovered that I was also a Campbell, we became instant friends. I mentioned to him how great I thought I was.
I told him I was just getting ready to leave. Archie said, "Hey buddy," why're ya goin' home so soon?
Last night I saw you here until past midnight. Something wrong?"
I said, "No, aint nothin' wrong, just gotta sore rear from sittin' on this stool for so long."
"Buddy, I got just the thing for ya" Archie said, as he reached in his pocket.
He pulled out a bottle of pills, opened the bottle and handed me two pills.
I said,, "What're these, aspirin?"
"No," said Archie, "stool softeners." 

A little later, Archie asked if I'd like to go to the Grand Ole Opry House, which was located a few hundred feet away.
I said, "Sure!" Even though it was late at night we went to the Opry. Archie had no trouble getting past the night guard.
We looked around and ended up in the dressing rooms. I was impressed. Except for the two of us, the Opry was empty.
Archie told me a lot about the Opry's history.
Then, I got the bright notion to walk out on the Opry stage and sing a song to a nonexistant audience.
With Archie watching, I stepped out on the stage and sang the chorus line of "I'm Walking The Floor Over You." 

I had actually sung on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry! Archie Campbell laughed so hard that he almost smiled.
I had upstaged him. After that night, I never saw him again.

Will Campbell

(Thanks for the little success story, Will. Jack)

Copyright  June 26, 2007 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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