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"The Music Police"

I got an email today 
criticizing an indie label, 
saying that its artists and business methods are bad. 

Knocking stinks. 
Add gross exaggeration and it's just plain vicious. 
And who made this guy The Music Police? 

All indies have to be service labels to survive. 
This means they have to take the the semi-good with the great. 

You can't always condemn on the testimony of former associates. 
Most former label artists are disgruntled. 
It's the nature of the beast. 
I've never met a gruntled one. 

There is probably even a label somewhere 
that I'm still mad at, 
but I'm sure nobody out there is mad at me. 
I'm too nice. 

What anybody else in the biz does to make a buck, 
is not my business, 
as long as they're good to me, Misty, and my friends. 
I'm not the Indie Cops. 

The major labels are dining at the elegant table, 
while some indie people are down on the floor 
fighting over scraps. 

I like to exchange ideas and fun things with others, 
and try to promote Misty and me in an entertaining way. 
These are what we used to call "positive licks". 

If we inspire and make each other smile, 
those are positive licks. 

Copyright  October 21, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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