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"The Head Case"

The well dressed couple stared at me from a back table, 
smiling, and whispering to each other. 
I was a little worried, 
because there are some kinky people in South Florida. 

I was playing the piano bar at The Sportsman's Lodge, in Hollywood, 
and it was the cocktail hour. 
My tip glass contained seven dollars. 
I'd put them there. 

I couldn't concentrate on my music because of the couple, 
so I took a break. 
The man approached me and invited me to their table. 
and I had to think fast... 
They could either be real weirdos, 
or they could be rich backers who were about to "discover" me. 
I took a chance and sat down with them. 

They said they'd been admiring my head. 
I got up to leave. 
"Wait", they said! "It's all about foreheads." 
"Four heads are better than one", I smiled, trying to escape. 

They told me they were teachers and scientists, 
who worked at a place for "gifted" young people. 

"Every one of our kids has your forehead", they told me. 
"I can only afford so much child support", I said, 
as they took me by the ear and sat me down. 

"Creativity starts at the front of the brain", they said. 
"Does this mean you don't want to take me to your room", I asked, 
noticing that the woman was not at all bad? 

They began to lose interest, 
and there was a long silence. 
"Do I have a funny head" I asked? 

They looked at each other and said, 
"Maybe we were wrong." 

I went to the rest room to look in the mirror at my head. 

Copyright  July 24, 2007 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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