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"The Fed"

I'm not sure our government puts out money any more. 

A friend told me some things that made me look in my wallet. 
I never paid much attention to the writing on the bills before, 
and I got a surprise. 
All of the bills say "Federal Reserve Note" along the top... 
Not "United States Treasury". 

Here's the weird part... 
The Federal Reserve is not a branch of government. 
I repeat...not a branch of government. 
It's a private group of bankers and their banks 
that lend money to our government, and charge interest, 
which we pay in our income taxes. 

This strange activity hasn't always been going on. 
Several presidents have fought and stopped it, 
saying it was destroying the nation. 

The Federal Reserve controlled our money 
for several periods of about twenty years each. 
This is the longest one... 
about a hundred years now. 

Can anybody tell me 
why the U.S. can't use U.S. money any more? 
Why are our wallets full of notes from a private bank? 

Copyright  Feb. 27, 2006, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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