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"Tampering With Music"

Chris Zenchenko restores old recordings 
for people who want the sound as it originally was. 
I like that. 
I have a collection of remastered old music 
for my own enjoyment. 

He writes this: 
"I hope Jack and others 
who must tamper with the audio 
remember to leave an archive copy for the purists." 

I will overlook the word "tamper" 
and pretend it isn't snide. 

No, Chris, I'm sorry, 
but I like to stomp on the old records when I'm done with them. 
Now I'm being sarcastic. 
I hate myself when I do that, 
so I'll go back to being my kind and generous self. 

Chris and I are both right. 

I do not restore music from vinyl for collectors, 
or for historical reasons. 
I restore and enhance vinyl records for artists 
who want to release them as new. 

I turn mono to stereo, 
re-EQ the tracks, 
and use modern effects, 
because I'm not aiming for the true original sound. 
I'm going for improving and updating it for my artist clients. 

The old records are still there for the purists to tamper with. 
There I go again 

Copyright  2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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