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"Survival Of The Dumbest"

Iíve lived long enough to notice the world getting screwed up. 
People born more recently have nothing to go by, 
but, trust me kids, the world is dumber than it used to be. 

Fourth graders canít read. 

Popular music is at an all time low. 
They jump around, talk along with a cheesy drum machine, 
scratch a needle across an old LP, 
and think itís music. 

If your new outfit makes you look like Dopey the Dwarf, 
itís perfect, if youíre one of the dummies. 
Their huge pants hang lower than I care to think about. 
This is the dummies copying prison inmates, 
who have their belts taken away for safety, 
making their prison pants hang low and baggy. 
Great role models. 

If youíre a young guy with great hair, 
the only logical thing to do is shave your head. 

Get something pierced. 
A ring through your tongue couldnít make you, like, talk any worse. 
And itís a good place to hang your keys. 

The dummies are in the majority now, 
so society caters to them. 
The few intelligent people who are left 
donít spend as much money as the dummies, 
so the ruling marketplace demands that everything must be for them. 

Yes, Iím generalizing about young people now, 
but it may not be their fault that theyíre the stupidest generation ever. 
Their parents started dumbing down before they were born 
How did we expect the kids to turn out? 
If their great-grandparents were smarter, 
they never got to see it. 

Radio and TV announcers mutilate the English language. 
Humor leans heavily toward burping, 
throwing up, various animal sounds 
dirty words, and juvenile sexual innuendoes. 
Sex was a lot more fun when it was underground. 
The casualness takes away the thrill of getting away with something. 

Can you imagine how ignorant and gross the next generation will be? 

No? Well try harder. 

Theyíre going to be some beauties! 

Copyright © June 4, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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