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"Sticking Up For Our Library"

There is a poll being taken by a Buffalo NY radio station.
It asks if you think public libraries are:
1. A luxury; 2. A necessity; 3. Donít care.

I just voted "Necessity"
and was irked to see that the idiots are in the majority.

I go to our local library once or twice every week.
I see people who can not afford to buy expensive books
relying upon the library.

Those with eyesight problems can get large print editions
or audio books.
You can enjoy and learn from audio books,
even if you canít read.
Much good is done in that building.

The place is always buzzing with activity,
with a noticeable number of kids and seniors.
Of course, it's non-profit
which irritates today's semi-literate greed society.

The main problems with democracy
are the stupidity and/or motives of the voting majority.
I hope we don't lose our libraries.
PBS and NPR will be next.

Then weíll have no alternative
to the junk on commercial radio and TV,
which gets worse every day.

Copyright © Oct. 20, 2004 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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