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"Selling America"

Millie makes an astute observation, from 'Ozy and Millie', 9/9/1999. It's still true today...unfortunately...

More money is being raised for the upcoming presidential election
than ever before in history. 

These millions of dollars represent our country being sold
to the highest bidders. 

These huge private interests give money for one reason:
to get what they want.
And they always get it. 

The candidates who raise the most money
are the ones who are selling more of our freedom. 

Nothing in present day Washington is done out of kindness or morality.
Every single thing done by the government in the past several years
has been purely for political advantage. 

They are not looking out for us.
They couldn't care less. 

Democracy has been exploited and twisted
until it's unrecognizable,
but those who point that out
risk being called "unamerican".
Still I feel compelled to speak out.
It's the right thing to do.
The American thing. 

The New Golden Rule:
"Those with the gold make the rules." 

 July 7, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 
"Ozy and Millie" 1999, D. C. Simpson. All rights reserved. 


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