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"Politics And Insane Asylums"

Will Campbell wrote this in response to my article 
about poor people not being eligible for assistance 
if they are 10% or 11% below the poverty level. 
They have to be at least 12% below. 

     *     *     * 


I have tried and tried for years to like and admire you, 
but, until you sent me this latest literary endeavor 
about how the 12% thingie factors into our society, 
I never really appreciated you before. 

Yes, Jack, there isn't a Santa anymore. 
Our powerfool leaders have let greed and insanity rule them. 

You probably don't remember the year of 1986 
when I ran for the Orange County Commission. 
I also ran for the State House Of Reps in 1988. 
Naturally, I lost both times... 
I was too witty and brilliant for the masses at the time. 
Sad! I coulda been a contender. 

I love politics and insane asylums. 

Be thankful that you and I were born when there was a tad of honesty and leadership. 
You gotta love ol' Truman. 

I think...therefore I can't GET elected. 

Will Campbell" 

Copyright  August 22, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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