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"Our Old Friend Tommy"

Misty and I went to see Tommy Cash play at a local trailer park,
a couple of years ago. 

Misty is always very friendly
and he seemed to respond.
Like old home week. 

He gave us his email address
and I added him to my list of people
who receive my articles. 

After he got about a half dozen of my writings,
he wrote me an angry email,
saying that when he gave us his address
he didn't expect it to be abused. 

I wrote back that I didn't realize
that giving us his email address was such a big honor. 

He responded with this:
"You send out more b------t than anybody!" 

I took him off the list,
and we haven't corresponded since. 

 May 20,2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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