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"How About Nine Comandments?"

I'm for separation of church and state. 
It's one of the main reasons we broke away from England, 
fought the Revolutionary War, 
and created our own country. 

Having said that: 
The Ten Commandments monument fiasco in Montgomery, Alabama 
is so petty compared to the world's real problems, 
that it's just plain dumb. 
Who was it hurting? 

It wouldn't bother me 
if they erected a statue of Buddha in our courthouse. 
They could put it right next to The Ten Commandments. 
Why not have all the religions represented? 
The atheists could have a pedestal with nothing on it. 

"In God we trust" is on our money, 
and I still like money. 

The public mindset today seems to be this: 
"Let's find out what everybody's doing, 
and make them stop". 

Anyway, they carted away The Ten Commandments today. 
Maybe we could renegotiate. 
Maybe we could ask the Supreme Court 
to let us keep NINE Commandments. 

I wonder which one we could trade away? 

 August 28, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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