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"Musicians Keep Trying, Regardless"

A few musicians manage to make their way to the Middle, 
and maybe one and a half out of 10,000 make it to the Big Time for 8 minutes, 
and spend the rest of their lives waiting for Folk-Rock to come back.
Is it talent? Is it luck? Is it lunchtime? Is anybody interested? Not in the least.

"Poultry In Motion: The Ballet Experiment".

Business was off at the ballet. 
The theater manager was sharp enough to realize 
that not everybody liked the ballet. 
Some people liked trombone playing.

He did an extensive talent search 
and found a ballerina who could play the trombone. 
He offered her big bucks if she could learn to do both at once.

The house was packed on opening night. 
The ballerina danced "Swan Lake" brilliantly, 
playing the trombone all the way. 
Until the last act, which called for a pirouette 
and a seventh position trombone lick at the same time.

She tripped over another swan, 
blew her teeth to the audience, 
and did an ad lib five minute pain dance.

The swans and the trombone had to be 
surgically seperated by a team of proctologists.

I know this story is true because I was that ballerina.

Copyright  Dec. 15, 2000 by Jack Blanchard.


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