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"Moon Songs"

A friend just asked me why there are so many "Moon" songs.
What is it about the moon?

I tried to respond intelligently,
which I often find difficult.
Here are a few moon thoughts.

The moon has been a thing of mystery, superstition, and romance
for so many centuries,
that a couple of our guys just walking on it can't change that.
It's in our genetic memories.

Also, it's a handy light to have at night.
No batteries.

It rhymes with:
June, goon, spoon, maroon,
prune, saloon, balloon, croon,
buffoon, baboon, pantaloon, Loony-Toon,
macaroon, racoon, harpoon,
and Daniel Boone.

Some people see a man in it.
I see a squirrel.

My Uncle Don told me that it was a hole in the sky.
He would admit that the Earth is round,
but maintained that it's hollow, and we're on the inside.
With early teaching like that,
how did you expect me to turn out?

He would eat only white food...
like sugar, flour, rice, and so on.
He said it's whiteness was an obvious sign of purity.
He was a food racist.
You think these are Uncle Don jokes, don't you?
Unfortunately, they're true.

Back to the moon...

They have a New Moon and a Blue Moon,
but I don't think I've ever seen them.
They should have a McGoo Moon for nearsighted people,
and a Moo Moon for cows.
Nearsighted cows are on their own.

Songwriters need the moon.
How would "Nothing Over Miami" sound?

Even though my intellect tells me
that the moon is just a hunk of white stuff,
that might fall on me,
I will continue to throw it in songs,
until they put me away.

Copyright  Dec. 1, 2004, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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