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"Mind Prisons"

In response to my song “Steel Mill Town”, 
our friend Betty Curtis wrote this: 
“Lotta folks caught in places like that. 
Good to speak for them! 
Maybe some will be inspired to head for open country... 
better life style, even in hard times.” 

Thanks, Betty. 
You've given me a new look at my work. 

My songs are bipolar... 
either way upbeat, 
(sometimes to the point of slapstick comedy,) 
or way down in the dumps. 

I have tried to explain this to people who have asked, 
but I never got it quite right. 

I've been in those hopeless places, 
and I used humor to drive away the reality. 
That shows up in my funny material. 

When I write the real downers, 
I guess I may be speaking for the people 
who are living in those little hells. 

Possibly my words can make them think 
about getting out. 

They live in mind prisons that look real, 
but you can break out 
if you're not afraid to take a big chance. 


PS: This may turn into an article. 

© May 24, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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