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"Isn't It Fun?"

The reason I took on Joel Mathis' and Jackie Burns' music, 
restored and remastered it, 
is to get it heard by the public, 
so Joel will be remembered, 
and Jackie will dazzle the world that overlooked her. 
They deserve it. 

I also plan to finish their CD albums, 
which can be played worldwide, 
and sold on the web. 

The airplay is not "virtual", as some might put it.. 
About 25% of it is on internet stations, 
and the majority is on the FM airwaves from the US to Europe and Australia. 
Some is on satellite stations which have millions of listeners worldwide. 
Thanks, DJ's. 

I am not expecting any monetary profit. 
I get paid by seeing it work. 

Misty and I operate a mastering service, 
promote our own records, 
write a column with over 20,000 readers, 
write songs, produce records, do shows, 
answer all the email, 
and try to help people we believe in and care about, 
like Joel and Jackie. 

We quit at 4 AM this morning. 
I watched a half hour of "Hawaii 5-0" to try to come down, 
and walked a mile because Jack Lord didn't do it. 

I was still wound up, 
so I took a shower and washed my hair at 6 AM. 
Finally dropped off at 9 AM. 
Went back to work at 1 PM this afternoon. 

Joel isn't here to do it for himself, 
so I try to take up the slack in promotion. 
I would like to have someone do it for me, 
if I died before I could accomplish it myself. 

I'm worn out, and depending on a second wind that's overdue. 
(Everybody give me an "Aw", or a "Poor baby!".) 

And Jackie is just too great to NOT to be heard! 

I'm working on a 30 song project for Hal Willis right now. 
I could have had it done a couple of weeks ago, 
but, it's got to be perfect. 
He is an unbelievably strong and versatile artist. 
I've never heard a male country singer with his voice and control. 
Wait till the world gets a load of this! 

And, let's not forget my super talented pal Mayf Nutter. 
I love it when I see "Hey There, Johnny" on the charts. 
I had the pleasure of mastering it. 
Mayf strikes me as today's version of Roger Miller. 
He brings fun to life. 
I'm lucky to run into people like these. 

The Hero Records Project was a challenge... 
21 tracks from 21 different sessions, 
from 21 different studios and eras. 
Some were scratchy and worn, 
and some sounded like they were done on a wire recorder. 
It took a lot more hours than the budget called for, 
but I'm proud every time I see the tracks on the charts. 
It was more than worth it. 
Thanks, Dick Shuey. 

Col. Buster Doss has been a straight shooter, 
and, ironically, we get our website free, 
from another guy who helps US, of all things... 
our webmaster Jerry Withers. 

What goes around occasionally comes around. 

It's 3:39 AM. 
Good night, friends. 

Isn't it fun? 

Copyright  May 27, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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