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"Independence Day"
by Dalton Roberts

Hi friends.
This Independence Day commentary
from our good friend Dalton Roberts
syndicated columnist and fellow musician.

Jack & Misty


and each year of Republican rule
we lose more of our personal independence.

They have made us dependent
on Falwell, Robertson and Dobson for our morals
and on Burger King for our minimum wage jobs.
We are dependent on criminally high drugs to stay alive
and we will soon have no dependable Social Security to buy beans.
But somebody keeps electing them.

They stir around in our prejudices
and we go out and vote against ourselves.
But praise God, every woman impregnated by rapists
will soon have to tote the baby til she drops it,
we will have big old marble masses with the Ten Commandments
on every courthouse lawn,
and kids will be forced to say our prayers of indoctrination
in our schools.

They promised to get the government off our backs
and they did it!
They took it right off our backs
and gave it to the rich.
Now it belongs to them!
Glory to God!
Paradise is on the way!

That is my July 4 message.

   Dalton Roberts

Copyright  July 4, 2005, Dalton Roberts. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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