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"I'm More Country Than You Are"

Some of us who have been in Country Music for a long time 
have a tendency to play "King of the Hill" with the new guys. 
Maybe they think it's the only badge they have to wear. 

Time out for a reality check. 

Seniority doesn't count in Country Music. 
Actions do. 
Those who came to it later than you 
are not necessarily entering "sideways", as I've heard it put. 
In fact, they might bring fresh insight and ideas. 
This is good, 
unless you're afraid of new ideas. 

Many Country Music greats have not been immersed in it since birth. 
Kenny Rogers, for instance. 
When they do find Country Music 
they are likely to become more emotionally involved 
than those who are used to it. 

Brilliant analogy: 
People who have always had outhouses, 
might be extra thrilled when they try indoor plumbing. 

This "I'm more country than you" attitude has no basis in reality, 
and is resented by the newercomers. 

If we actually go to work and CREATE some Country Music, 
and get a little airplay and recognition, 
we might not need to use our old-timer status as a weapon. 

Some people DO things, 
and others are critics. 

I try to do both. 

Copyright  October 14, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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