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"Hurricane Jeanne: Here We Go Again"
by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

Jeanne, the 4th hurricane to hit Florida in about a month
has us in her sights.

We are directly in the center of the predicted path,
and we'll be packing, stowing, tarping,
and heading for another motel tomorrow afternoon.

FEMA was doing well in the earlier storms,
Charley and Frances,
but now they are not answering the phone.
If you're in this hurricane
it looks like you're on your own.

This state is loaded with RV resorts
and retiree mobile home parks.
These need to be evacuated,
but a lot of the residents are out of get-away money.
Tropical cyclones are expensive.

Some of our friends are going to try to ride out 100+ mph winds
and possible tornados,
in their mobile homes and campers..

One couple told us they are going to hide
in a house that's still under construction,
with no windows or doors.
Another said they were planning to stay in their parked car
behind a super market.
The storm may take over 14 hours to pass completely.
That's a long time to sit in a rocking car
with cows and houses flying by.

Of course there are shelters
and horror stories to go with them.
Also, most will not let you in with your pets.
Pets are loved like children,
especially by seniors.

After Hurricane Frances
some shelters did not allow anyone to leave the building,
even though many other citizens were heading home
to see what was left.
Police guarded the doors.

Some smokers were not allowed outside for a cigarette
to calm their nerves.

It's not a pretty situation here in The Sunshine State.
There are still piles of debris everywhere
left over from the other storms.
This stuff will be the first to fly.

People we talk to have had it,
and are planning to move away.
We are thinking the same thing.

I will shut down and load this computer in the car
probably some time tonight.
We'll be in touch until then.

Until tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon
we can be reached at 407 321 5361.
I'll be online until later tonight.

Later, friends.

Jack (& Misty )

PS: We are giving away our Winnebago Chieftain motor home
to anybody with $100, and who will tow it away.

Copyright  Sept. 24, 2004, Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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