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"How We Got Together"

We get asked this question a lot.
Today this came from our friend in Buffalo, Bob Skurzewski,
who is writing a book:
“How did you two actually get together?” 

Here's how it happened... 

I thought Misty was pretty cool
when I first saw her playing with her band
at the Corral Club in West Hollywood.
I started talking to her,
and invited her to meet me at an after hours place we both knew.
I got there and was told that she just left.
She says she got cold feet and didn't wait. 

Maybe she had second thoughts,
because her friends were telling her that I was a mob guy.
I wasn't, but I did run clubs and play piano for them on and off,
and I sort of looked the part. 

Then we met again at a benefit where we both got up and played.
We started to hit it off that night.
She ditched the guy she came with
and left with me. 

We had a midnight breakfast at a local restaurant,
but we said goodnight and went our separate ways.
I didn't want to push too hard.
She says she was hoping I'd kiss her goodnight.
I didn't. 

We ran into each other once or twice more
before the time I stopped in the Copa Lounge on my night off
and found her talking to my boss.
We both laughed about her trying for my job,
and this was the turning point in our romance.
I did kiss her that night...
more than once. 

All this happened in the Hollywood/Miami, Florida area. 

Our conversation started then,
and it's still going on. 

© July 2, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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