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"How We Feel About Reviews"

The question the writer asked is this: 
"How do you feel about reviews of your work?" 
Here's my answer... 

As you may know, along with being a recording artist 
I'm a long time journalist. 
I wrote a hard copy newspaper column for a number of years, 
and have now switched to internet writing. 

But our music always comes first. 

Misty (Morgan) and I have had many wonderful reviews 
and an excellent rapport with the press, 
including Billboard, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, 
Country Song Roundup, independent reviewers, 
and trade publications. 

Here's the odd part: 
Although 99% of our reviews have been positive, 
we still remember each of the few bad ones. 
It's like an obsession. 

Through age and experience 
I've learned that our music is good, 
but will always rub somebody the wrong way. 
We don't try to please everybody, 
and don't expect to. 

We are well past the learning stage as artists, 
our style is set in concrete, 
and we don't feel we need coaching. 
It's hard to admit it, 
but, we do get upset at the slightest negative. 

I like to think it's pride in our work. 

 April 24, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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