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"Government (Inspired by the Ohio cities' tax on musicians)"


Most people are honest at times.

Politicians and corporate pirates enjoy being honest when there's a profit in it.

Lawyers find it refreshing to defend an innocent client.

Governments don't work as planned because it requires people to be honorable 
even when it's inconvenient and nobody's looking.

* * *
Good government is not natural to our species. Attempts at it just turn into something more natural, like a pecking order. A food chain. The main function of government is to gather power, and keep the poor from attacking the rich. A free market system, if we're not careful, can evolve into a winner-take-all system. The minority with the power makes the laws, and each law, by its nature, is a restriction of freedom.
* * *
I wouldn't mind any of this if I were in with the bigshots. Copyright December 31, 2000 by Jack Blanchard.


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