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"Friends And Politics"

I don't write or talk much about politics, unless provoked. 
I have friends who have strong opposing opinions, 
and I value my friends. 
I don't care about their political or religious beliefs, 
as long as they don't push them on me. 

Friendship, in the long run, is more important to me. 
However, I get some unpleasant arguments, articles, jokes, and stories, 
from people who ASSUME I agree with them. 
I try to be patient and saintly. 
It ain't easy. 

I'm a Democrat, at least on most issues. 
I am an environmentalist, a Tree Hugger. 
I LOVE trees, 
and they're slaughtering all the forests around my home 
to make way for malls and car washes. 

I'm for the little guy, 
although I have wealthy friends. 
I wouldn't do anything to hurt them. 
I think rich people do OK without my support. 

I'm not running the world, so who cares what I think? 
I'm always surprised when somebody does. 

A lot of my friends and enemies have died. 
How important do our political arguments seem now? 
When I get all the names in my address book crossed out, 
does that mean I win? 

The world I can look around and SEE, 
and the friends I can communicate with TODAY, 
are more important than which crooked politicians we're rooting for. 
Nobody's opinion ever changes much anyway. 

I toss this out there just so you know. 
Friends should know. 

So, now that that's out of the way, 
let's get back to the life, music, 
the personal problems that huddle around us every day, 
and the funny dance I do that makes my wife laugh. 

I feel better already. 

Copyright  Sept. 3, 2006 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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