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"How My Freedom Of Speech Got Me In Trouble"

("The Keep it Country Oath" 
is the little satirical article that got me in trouble. 
I received a lot of hate mail from former friends, 
and have been boycotted from a well known chart. 

I'm not a great fan of Pop/Country, 
and I want to keep Traditional Country around, 
but, to me, there are only two kinds of music: 
Good and Bad. 

I also feel that songwriters and artists 
should be free to spread their wings. 
Art should not have too many restrictions. 

The funny part is this: 
Misty and I make music that is pretty traditional. Jack) 

* * * 


I solemnly swear 
to never play more than three chords, 
to use only guitars, piano, bass, two fiddles, and light drums, 
and to never inject new ideas of any kind. 

I pledge that all my lyrics shall be about barrooms, 
honky-tonks, pickup trucks, and Mama. 

I promise that in the future 
I will play only waltzes and two-beat rhythms, 
and never even think about eighth notes. 

These are the music rules, 
and I agree to pick on anybody who doesn't follow them. 

I hereby apologize for all my past creativity. 

Jack Blanchard 

(So, that's the big deal, friends. 
Please be gentle with me.JB)

 2003 Jack Blanchard. All Rights Reserved. 


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