I'm Feelin' A Change In My Life
Written by Skip Rogers

Note: Skip Rogers was a young songwriter with a lot of promise. He spent
time at our house, and we tried to do what we could to help him in the music
business. He never got to achieve his potential because he died in his mid-
twenties. We heard that he was killed by a frying pan to the head, in a domestic
argument. We all had fun recording this song, and we dedicate it to him.


Recorded by Donel Austin
I'm feelin' a change in my life Things I've done before just don't seem right Seems I'm looking at the world through new eyes and I'm feeling a change in my life Gave a dollar to a man just yesterday When last week, I would've chased him away But he made it all worthwhile When he thanked me and he smiled You've gotta help someone along the way (Repeat chorus) Used to worry about money and fancy clothes But now I see through the life I chose I judge a man for what he is Naturally, the right is his Whether I'm in favor or opposed (Repeat chorus) I remember all the times I used to say The world's sure a bad place today If everyone would do their part A little less hate and a little more heart The world would be a better place to stay (Repeat chorus twice) I'm feelin' a change in my life (Repeat chorus twice and fade) Words and music by Skip Rogers. Copyright 1973 Copyright Control. All rights reserved.
DISCOLOGY 45: MSK Records (catalog number unknown) (1973) CD: NASHVILLE SPUTNIK - The Deep South/Outer Space Productions of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan 1956-2004 The Omni Recording Corporation OMNI-115 (2008)


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