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"Re: FEMA and our homeless from the Florida hurricanes"

An elderly lady just knocked on our door
and when Misty opened it
the woman started to talk,
but burst into tears before she could speak.

We do not know her,
even though she has lived in our neighborhood,
but Misty held her in a hug until she could talk.
She finally explained this:
Due to the hurricanes, she is now suddenly homeless,
and has nowhere to turn.

She was hoping to stay in the damaged place we are moving out of,
but we've already made other commitments for it.
Still, we are trying to arrange something for her.
Making phone calls.
So far no luck.

She's a very nice lady
whose husband has died
and she's going to be on the street
as of today.

Other neighbors and friends of ours have been trying to call FEMA.
FEMA is NOT answering their "HELP LINE".

People who were lucky enough to get through to FEMA
by calling early after the last storm,
have been processed and inspected,
but have not received the money that was promised.

I hope we can work out something for the lady,
but I wonder how many more cases like her
are lost out there.

Copyright İ Oct. 5, 2004, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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