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"Excuses For War"

Some wars are so necessary that they don't need excuses.
A friend wrote that a World War Two veteran
remarked that people don't appreciate the price of freedom...
using the Iraq war as an example.
Our friend also says
that more lives are lost through abortion
than in the Iraq war.
I think statements like this
trivialize the deaths of our soldiers.
Here's my brief response:
This is Alice In Wonderland logic.
World War 2 and Iraq don't belong in the same sentence.
World War Two was a whole lot more about freedom,
and less about oil,
than this Iraq mess.
More twenty-minute old fetuses are lost through birth control
than than in the Twin Towers attack.
Does this make 9/11 not so bad?
You can't logically balance the killing in Iraq with auto accidents.
We still have the accidents
PLUS the Iraq deaths and maimings.
I seem to hear this reasoning mostly from people who don't have to fight,
but this Iraq war may last long enough for your son to go.
Something to think about.
Your friend.

Copyright  April 10, 2004, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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