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"Driving Hints From Wilbur"

We're getting funny/weird emails again
from singer/songwriter/entertainer Will Campbell.
Uncle Will was laid up there for a while,
and we missed him.


*     *     *

Will writes...

When I'm driving recklessly on I-4 and someone cuts me off in traffic,
vengeance becomes a most welcome commodity.
I usually share the joy by cutting off the next car I see.

I sometimes roll down the window and yell, "Your shoe is untied!"
This usually gives me hours of self satisfaction.

Sometimes I decide to let everyone know how I feel
by blowing my horn for many miles.

I wish Jack Blanchard could write like this...
then I could use his stuff.
If it wasn't for plagiarism I'd never have an original thought.

Will Campbell

*     *     *

Thanks, Will.
Today I didn't have to write at all.

Welcome back.

Jack Blanchard

Copyright  Jan. 9, 2005, Will Campbell (and associate). All rights reserved. 
Reprinted by permission.


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