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"A Do-It-Yourself Spam Filter That Works"

I have eliminated a lot of SPAM from my in-box 
without getting an anti-spam program.
Here's how I did it: 

Although BellSouth is my email server,
I use the Netscape mail page to read it
because I like the lay-out, speed, and features. 

One of the features,
which you may have on another email server
is the "Message Filter". (Edit>Message Filter) 

I picked out key words in the worst spam that comes in,
and entered those words in the spam filter.
For instance: "Viagra"
and certain body parts and dirty words. 

Now when these come in
they go directly into the Trash
without me seeing them. 

I have made 12 filters so far,
and it's cut my spam by more than half. 

It works. 

 June 29, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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