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"Concerning The Music Row Murder Trial"

Last week I was contacted by NBC Television News. 
The reporter told me they were working on a story about Nashville,
and they had learned that Misty and I had been friends with Chuck 
Could I tell them about Chuck, or give any insights?
She said nothing about The so-called Music Row Murder trial. 

I thought about it
and sent this reply by email:
"Is this about the Cash Box scandal? 

She wrote back, saying "Yes, it is". 

I responded again with this:
"We were friends with Chuck Dixon for the last three or four 
years of his life.
He was very kind to us,
and went out of his way to encourage and help us.
We have nothing to tell you.
We feel that his family has gone through enough." 

Today the headlines come out that the trial has started.
"Prosecution: Researcher killed on Music Row for trying to
reform crooked business."
"Kevin Hughes was gunned down outside a Music Row recording
studio March 9, 1989."
and so on. 

Chuck Dixon is mentioned in the story,
in a negative way. 

A minute ago, while I was typing this
I got a similar phone call from ABC News.
I told them the same thing. 

All we know about Chuck Dixon is good stuff.
I don't think news people like good stuff. 

 September 23, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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