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"Classic Poetry"

I’ve always loved great poetry...
the kind that has deep meaning
and rhymes.

For instance:
“You are old, Father William”,
the young man said,
“and your teeth are beginning to freeze.
The squirrels are building their nest on your head,
and the chickens are eating your knees.”

Boy! How many hidden meanings can you get out of that?
That was my parody of Lewis Carroll’s parody
of a poem by William Wordsworth.
Both of those guys lived about two hundred years ago,
so you know their stuff is first class.

I read things like that between football games in school.
A weird kid.

Maybe that’s why I compose classy songs like
“Tennessee Birdwalk”, “Legendary Chickenfairy”,
  “Fire Hydrant #79”, “The Cockroach Stomp”,
and this one...


Well you can take all your love birds stick 'em in a tree
And they look just like a lotta bullfinches to me
Now don't come home with them lovey-dovey words
Baby that's strictly for the birds

You made me feel...... (Pause)

(Resume tempo)
Like a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
singin' in a eucalyptus tree
And now I feel like a sap
since you made a sucker out of me
Woe, woe.
You made me feel like a wheel like a real big deal
then cut..
The door to your heart slammed shut
You made me feel like you know what

Well now I feel like a redheaded woodpecker
peckin' at a cast iron tree
Just a huffin' and a peckin' and a bangin' my brains out
Nothin' but misery.

(Repeat chorus for no good reason.)

Copyright © Jan. 6, 2005, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. 
"Yellow Bellied Sapsucker" Words and Music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright © 1969
Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI). All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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