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"The Chili And Pie Diet"

This is a reader's response to my article on dieting,
and my love affair with Moose Tracks ice cream.

* * *


Enjoyed your essay on Moose Tracks.
It reminded me of my favorite diet:
Chili (any chili) three meals a day, seven days per week,
followed by a quarter slice of lemon pie for five of those days.
I switch to chocolate pie for two days and then back to lemon.
I haven't lost any weight on this regimen,
but I can truthfully say I'm on a strict diet. 

Try it. 


* * * 

Hi, Rupert. 

Chili is good.
In outer space it's considered a means of transportation. 

 July 4, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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