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"Chicken Dies After Drinking Chinese Bottled Water"

I know there are a million shocking headlines daily,
about war, poverty, penguin abuse, and Man's inhumanity to man and beast,
but this one bothers me on several levels:

It showed up in my email today, and stopped me in my tracks,
although I'm not sure I make any tracks sitting here at my thinking machine.

The headline brings up certain questions, such as...
How can a chicken afford to drink bottled water?
Is my chicken at risk?
How do the chickens get the bottle caps off?
If they do, do they run around like a chicken with its cap off?
Where does a chicken get spending money?
Do they have credit cards?
Does anybody care?

I would care if my chicken got a hold of my credit card,
although I'm not sure what it would buy.
I don't think they'd rent it a car,
but I might see a truck back up and dump a ton of corn on my lawn jockey.
Outside of corn and bottled water, 
what do chickens really want? The vote?


Chickens are a lot like people…
Only shorter.

Copyright © October 4, 2007 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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