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"Chaos In The Music Business"

When scientists discovered 
that much of what they thought was “reality” 
was made up of stuff they don't understand, 
they did what they do best... 
They gave it a fancy name: 
“The Chaos Factor”. 

The usual example of this is: 
A butterfly in Georgia flutters its wings 
starting a snowball effect 
that winds up as a blizzard in Montana. 

These things are unpredictable, 
which is weather forecasters' excuse for getting paid. 

The Chaos Factor is not really chaos at all. 
It’s just too many facts for our little brains to process. 
Data overload. 

Here's how The Chaos Factor can work in the Music Business: 
You've been striving all your life 
toward a career in the recording industry. 
You started playing guitar as a fetus. 
You wrote your first song when you were six months old: 
"Somebody Change Me, Please" 

By the time you reach your teens 
you already have a recording contract. 
You write, produce, sing, and promote your records. 
A couple of decades go by and you're still trying, 
never giving up, 
and then you finally have a hit 
that climbs to #2 with a bullet in Billboard. 
You make a down payment on a guitar shaped Porsche. 

About this time a guy in Lake Monroe, Florida 
has just recorded: 
"Dance of the Living-dead Chickens", 
He recorded it in an empty dumpster, 
with six bass drums and a police whistle. 
It debuts in Billboard at #1, 
and parks there for two months, 
killing your chances, 
and a number of your brain cells. 

Your family spends the next ten years 
trying to coax you out of your guitar case. 

Nothing happens for the next two or three decades, 
and then you get one more big break. 
Somebody has dug up and re-released your old recording, 
and it's all the way up to #2 again! 

But there's this guy in Outhouse, Ohio 
who is just now putting out a song 
called "Moon Me Again, Mrs. Mooney" 
and it looks like a hit. 

Copyright © Jan. 28, 2005 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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