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"Annoying Email Forwards"

I might get bent out of shape if you slander the Bush family. 
I may get teed off if you if you slander the Clintons, 
or the Pope, or Billy graham, or Jesse Jackson, 
or Pee Wee Herman. 

You have no way of knowing who Iím for or against, 
so why send me hate mail against any of them? 

I've been getting a lot of that stuff lately. 
Not hating me, but mostly against political figures 
that each sender is sure the whole world hates, 
just because they do. 

Do they think we will like them more? 
Are they looking for reinforcement? 
I can't figure it out. 
I just wish they'd lighten up. 
They're either too insensitive to realize 
how offensive their remarks are, 
or too dumb to know that everybody doesn't agree with them. 
It's wearing out my Delete button. 

As far as I know you don't have to pass a political opinion test 
to be in country music, 
or to be an American, 
or a human. 

Here's a letter I received today that expresses it well: 
"There are so many who are who they are, 
not out of their own research and thinking, 
but rather their conditioning. 
They would rather die than look inside 
and change their own hatred, bigotry, and prejudice. 
How difficult it is just to have a dialogue 
with others we thought we knew. 
Through all this, we find out 
how deep or shallow friendships are, 
If there is a devil in this world, it's ignorance, 
closed mindedness, and arrogance." 

Most of the idiot mail isn't original thought, 
but has been forwarded so many times it's unreadable, 
and has a bunch of those ugly little arrows on the left. 

In my articles I usually try to cheer everybody up. 
I'm going back to it now that I've gotten this off my chest. 

Copyright © March 6, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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