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"Advice To Politicians"

Iím not a Republican, 
but our guys could learn one thing from George W. Bush... 
Keep it simple. 

Most politicians bury their points in so much flowery garbage 
that the points themselves are lost. 

They should try this 
next time they hear snoring from the audience: 
Scratch out most of the adjectives and adverbs. 
Erase the high sounding historical references, 
and weasel phrases that take the punch out of a speech. 
Delete any words and phrases that donít directly drive the point home. 

Letís hear some plain street talk. 
You orators are committing rhetorical suicide. 

Hey guys! 
Youíre not getting paid by the speaking hour. 

© August 7, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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