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"A Rough Day"

Please forgive me if I make a few typos, double mail,
and if I cry a little.

My kid sister passed away today, and I'm having a few beers.
I'm not much of a drinker, but today is different.

Her name was Virginia. We called her Ginny.
She was the closest thing to a saint I've ever encountered.
She never said a mean word or hurt anybody in her entire life!
I'm telling you this because that's what friends are for,
and you are my friends.

Ginny had a great sense of humor.
When she fell and broke the largest bone in her body,
The paramedics in the ambulance asked her how she was.
You know what she said?
She said: "I can't kick."

She was weak and sick all her life.
Sometimes I feel guilty because I got all the health and strength. 

She had an eye operation at the age of about six.
They took the eye out while they worked, with no anesthetic.
That was in the old days, before lasers.

I was her protector,
but I couldn't protect her this time.
She's been in and out of hospitals for the past several years,
and this time her heart stopped.

I truly hope there is a life after death,
and that she can walk and run, and see, and sing...
all the things she couldn't do here.

She was afraid to die. Aren't we all?
She loved life, even though it had treated her cruelly.

Easter weekend is a perfect time for her to leave this world.
She was as pure as Easter.

We are having her memorial service on Thursday, April fourth,
her birthday.

Misty will be playing "Someday My prince Will Come",
and other of Ginny's favorites,
which include a few hymns.

I have to try and dwell on how lucky I am to have known her.

Time is getting away from us.

So, pray for us, friends.
We need it.


Jack Blanchard


We've received so many messages of condolence concerning our sister Ginny,
that it's impossible to respond to each individually.

Thank you all so much.

We didn't know we had so many friends.

Jack Blanchard and family.

P.S.: Jack's cousin Donna has some additional rememberances. Click on the title to read 
"More About Ginny". 

Copyright  March 30, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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