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"A Perfectly Sane Response To 'The Cow Telephone'"

I just published an article about the cows in a field 
a couple of miles from here. 
They have a BellSouth pay phone in the middle of their field, 
and there is a sign saying this: 
"No Mooing". 

Our friend Gayle Noble ( 
sent this perfectly sane response... 

     *     *     * 
Those are the Far Side cows and the phone is their transporter. 

The cranes are their body guards - 
trained in kungpoo and ticalfo. 

Drive up there late at night, 
bring a flash light, 
some meal worms, 
and and some lightly salted apple slices. 

Throw the meal worms over the fence 
to distract the body guards, 
should they awaken. 

Throw the thin slightly salted apple slices over the fence to amuse the cows, 
and shine the flashlight on the phone. 

The big cow with the brown spot on her shoulder 
will ask you where you wish to be. 

     *     *     * 

Gayle also suggests that i sneak down there in the dead of night 
and put up these new signs: 
"Just Ignore The Rabbit" 
"Do Not Feed The Bares". 

     *     *     * 
I would, but it might be considered cow harassment. 

 May 1, 2003 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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