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"A Little Background On 'Try'"

"Try" was one of the easy songs to write. It came to me in about a half hour. A few of them are like that. The recording was a low budget session. We produced "Try" in a little studio in Nashville, only using three musicians: bass, guitar, and drums. Misty played the strings, and the "fiddles" in the instrumental section and the ending. The backup vocals were added a few months ago. They were done in Canada at Randall Cousins' studio. Randall is very creative artist and producer. Whenever we work with him he always adds a subtle touch of something different to our material.. I sent him the master, the wonderful girl singers, Manon's Dream, put the backup vocals on it, and Randall sent it back to us. Then I did a final mix in our mastering studio. Some projects just flow from start to finish. This was one of them. If you haven't heard it yet, go to this page: Copyright Feb. 28, 2005, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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