The Official Velvet Saw (Low-Tech) Order Form
for Jack and Misty CDs

(Version 5.3)

Sadly, your humble webmaster, try as he might, STILL never has gotten the hang of online order forms. So, here's the next best thing: If you have a printer, print this form out, fill in the stuff that needs to be filled out, and mail it in with your order to the address at the bottom. Technology. Bah. (All releases are on Velvet Saw unless noted otherwise.)

Note: All releases are listed in order of release, from oldest to newest.

Qty. Catalog # Title Price
___ Playback PCD 4512 BACK IN HARMONY (1992)
___ VSCD 1 BACK FROM THE DEAD -- Volume 2 (2000)
___ VS 0801 A LITTLE OUT OF SYNC (2001)
___ VS 0901 MASTERS OF THE KEYBOARDS (2001) $17.95
17 Funniest Songs On One Stupid CD! (2001)
___ VS 1104 BEGINNINGS... (2004)
___ OMNI-102 LIFE AND DEATH (and almost everything else.) (2005) LIMITED QUANTITIES! - Australian import! Way too many exclamation points!
___ Archeological Records AR 0806 TWO SIDES... ONE MORE TIME! (2006)
___ OMNI-115 NASHVILLE SPUTNIK: THE DEEP SOUTH/OUTER SPACE PRODUCTIONS OF JACK BLANCHARD AND MISTY MORGAN 1956-2004! (2008) Australian import! The CDs will be autographed! (I love using these "!" things, I really do!)
___ VS 10059 TRAVELING MUSIC (2009)
VS 0613 THE BIRDHOUSE ALBUM - Mid 1970s (2013)
Reissue of "Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse"
Florida residents, add state sales tax.

Add $8.95 for each CD for US shipping and handling. ($14.95 outside the US.) _____

We are now taking credit card orders by PayPal only . Credit card orders, add the following:
Name: _________________________________
Street Address: _________________________________
City: __________________________________
State: __________________________________
Zip Code: __________________________________


FINE PRINT DEPT.: To order Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan CDs, please do the following:
To order with Cash, Check, Or Money Order, mail with your order form (above), to:
Jack Blanchard, P.O. Box 895444, Leesburg, FL 34789 USA.

For credit cards, etc. please use PayPal at:, Click "Send Money",
and go to our account:

Each CD will be shipped separately by first class mail within one day of receipt of payment.
Be sure to allow at least a week for delivery, because that's what all the other folks say, but they're big heartless conglomerates who don't really mean it.
We do, because we're still your friends.

We hope.


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